Isolated Tribe Found in Benggwin Progo Village, Jayapura Regency


Sentani, Jubi – Benggwin Progo village is considered an isolated area in Jayapura even though there are some facilities such as churches and schools and the village itself is administratively part of Kemtuk district, said a member of Jayapura Legislative Council, Oktovianus Samon, last week.

He said he had asked the head of Kemtuk district to pay serious attention to development in the area.

He also said the results of the visit will be reported to the executive and will be conveyed to the relevant authorities.
“The executive is also expected to be more frequently go down to the field in order to ensure that all planned programs through its agencies are realized,” he said.

Separately, head of Kemtuk district Lenora Bemey said that DPRP’s visit was conducted without notification, so that she did not know anything about it. While, related to the service system that did not run well in the village, she refused to comment it.
“Benggwin Proggo village is still part of a collection of tribes. The village has become an autonomous region that is no longer managed by the district, “said Lenora journalists rushed to leave. (Engelberth Wally/tina)


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