Isayas Taplo, second from left (Jubi)


Isayas Taplo, second from left (Jubi)

Isayas Taplo, second from left (Jubi)

Jayapura, 1/2 (Jubi) – One of the 11 suspects were sentenced from 1 year and 7 months to 2 years and 1 month in prison in a trial verdict related to the burning of Puncak Jaya Police Station on June 16 is a student of Oksibil Vocational School (SMK), aged 18 years .

” My name is Isayas Taplo, a 11 st grade student of Vocational school” said Isayas by introducing himself to, Saturday (1/2). Isayas Taplo received a sentence of one year and seven months with 9 other colleagues. Two other colleagues received a sentence of 2 years and 1 month in prison.
He then told the chronological story that happened to himself.
“That day, Sunday, June 16, I went down to the Police station to save the motor arrested for no driver’s license. I entered the motor thrust out. I threw stones twice. I did this only to participate crowded.” he said.
After that, hundreds of people including Isayas disappeared into the woods to avoid police retaliation.
One day after the incident, there have been reports of certain persons to enter the police.
“The police came and grabbed me at 18 pm. At that time, I practiced music in the church.” Isayas explained.
From the church, the police brought Isayas along another friend named Ferry Uropmabin for questioning related to the burning of the Police station.
” During investigation process, I split with Ferry. I saw Ferry sent home through the back door. ” he added.
 Isayas claimed that the police had forced him to say what he did not do.
“We were mugged with guns, guns inputs in the mouth. We were struck. We were forced to admit to doing.” said Isayas.
After providing information, Isayas became a suspect with other 10 friends.
“Initially we were a direct witness and then became suspects.We were then taken to the Papua police until now receiving a prison verdict in the trial judge’s decision led by chairman, Berlinnda Ursula Mayor,SH in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, Papua on January 17 2014.” he said.
Isayas is not satisfied, the decision was unfair.
“I just threw 2 stones with many people. Why I got this punishment. I am a student. This penalty hinders my future. I want going back to school.” Isayah said when he was arrested in June 2013.
Isayas hopes that the government can find a way out for him to get his rights which is to continue the formal education.
“I want to pursue my dreams. This incident is my experience and teacher for me. ” he said seriously.
Attorney suspects, Semy Latunusa SH, MH said this decision is not fair.
“These event involved 300-700ish people. In this case, 11 people can not represent. Each person must be responsible. ” he told to the media (18/1).
Although, it cannot represent with all sorts of considerations. all 11 people became victims.
 “If many people were arrested,the cost of the prints, the court, shelter and food and drink can be billions of rupiah. Rather than spend a lot money, 11 people became victims.” he said.
He further explained that the perpetrators of hundreds of people, defense witnesses were never present. There are victims of gunshot wounds, according to the Ambonese man, nor considered that the suspect could be sentenced to eleven suspects lighter.
” To be free is impossible because they had involved up to the court even though their actions only caused the broken glass that could be replaced. Reducing the detention period, they could sentenced 6 months. We expected that but it did not happened. ” he added.
Although it was not fair, Semy felt successfully assisting the suspects.
“As a law practitioner, he felt successfully brought them to get lighter punishment than demand.” he said. (Jubi / Mawel/ Tina)

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