Peoples in Paniai evacuated body of victim - Suplied

Is President’s Letter Hindering Paniai Case Settlement?

Evacuate the bodies of Simon Degei - youtube

Evacuate the bodies of Simon Degei – youtube

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua branch of the National Human Right Commission said its efforts to resolve the Paniai case by setting up an ad hoc team are facing obstacles, including the president’s letter to the Indonesian Police and the Ministry of Legal, Political and Security Affairs instructing these institutions to form an investigation team on the shooting incident that killed four high school students and injured dozens of civilians on 8 December.

The acting chairman of the National Human Right Commission in Papua, Frits Ramandei, said the ad hoc team did not have forensic documents on dead victims and is facing funding problems.
“Actually, the National Human Right Commission has allocated the budget for the Ad Hoc team but their schedule to Papua is still arranged. Besides, the letter from president turned out to be a boomerang, because the Ministry of Legal, Politic and Security Affairs and Indonesian Police also formed an investigation team in referring to the letter as well as the National Human Right Commission. And these teams are not synchronized to work optimally,” Frits Ramandei told on Monday (29/6/2105).

According to him, the obstacle for getting a forensic document is autopsy. Moreover, the families and people refused an autopsy over the dead victims. “We hope everything goes well, so this case could be settled soon. There is a progress achieved by the National Human Right Commission by raising the status of Paniai investigation team to Ad Hoc team,” he said.

However, he concerned if the Indonesian Police conducted the investigation, the case would be brought to general crime discourse. If the perpetrator is the security forces member, he would take to the Military Court instead of the Human Right Court.


Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Student Independent Forum Melianus Duwitau similarly said until now there is no decree on the Ad Hoc team. The National Human Right Commission Papua Representative must push it since there are many other teams.
“I think if it would be directed to the Military Court instead of Human Right Court. It depends on how the National Human Right Papua Representative to provide support to push the decree on Ad Hoc team to start their work, because the reference is the Decree,” said Duwitau. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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