Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak (IST)


Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak (IST)

Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak (IST)

Jayapura, 22/6 (Jubi) – The transportation department in Papua is making an effort to reopen  international flights to and from the Frans Kaisiepo airport in Biak.

This plan is being discussed by the head of the local branch of the I Angkasapura.
“To support the plan of re-opening overseas services, the transportation department has met with the chief of PT Angkasapura I in Biak recently. We also had a meeting with Biak Noemfor government on the completion of the airport land,” head of the transporatation department, Yusuf Yambi Yabdi told journalists in Jayapura, Papua on Sunday (22/6).

In the period of 1996-1998, Garuda Airways opened the route from Jakarta – Denpasar – Biak – Honolulu-Los Anggeles. However, the service ended ended because of the economic crisis.
“Since that time the operational status of Biak as an International airport has stopped,” he added.

Biak airport is unique because it was built on limestone  rock that is very sturdy with size runway length allows to accommodate the 747 400 series and Airbus.


In addition, the airport is also among the five airports with the longest runway in Indonesia. The Frans Kaisepo has a runway length of 3,570 meters while the Hasanuddin Airport Makassar has 3,100 meters.
“At this time, the original plan is for the purpose of Biak tourism. The route would be Thailand – Japan – China and South Korea and could be Biak – Australia. These routes is what we discussed with operators. Because of this choice ,so there must be a lot of operators used to be only one route to Honolulu – USA, “he said.

He said that he has discussed the plans with PT. Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Air Asia, and other airlines interested to join.
“We look forward to an agreement with a number of airlines, so overseas flights can be realized in accordance with the vision and mission of the Governor. Moreover, the growth of tourism in Papua will increase,” he said. (Jubi / Alex/ Tina)

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