Member of Indonesia's Interfaith Network (Jubi)

Member of Indonesia’s Interfaith Network (Jubi)

Sentani, 24/5 (Jubi) – “We are aware that violence will never be able to overcome the problems of tensions because of the differences. Violence also can not resolve a conflict, but will make this country falls deeper. “

That is one paragraph in the piece of a statement by the Inter-Faith Network (JAII) to make Papua land of peace through dialogue, recited by Poengky Indarti and Latifah Anum Siregar the closing of the VI National Conference Inter-Faith Network of Indonesia Sentani, Jayapura, Papua on Friday evening (23/5)

Elga Sarapung said that JAII was committed to establishing and promoting Papua as the land of peace at the V Conference in Jogjakarta.
“The dialogue has been decided in V national conference in Jogjakarta and we are sure that there must be initiative of individuals, groups and institutions “Sarapung, Director of the Institute of Dialog Interfaith in Indonesia.

The following are the statement of the Inter-Faith Network of Indonesia (JAII);


Firstly, we fully support the establishment of Peace Dialogue Jakarta-Papua which is driven by civil society and religion leaders in Papua and Jakarta, even across Indonesia in order to promote justice and peace as a whole, intact and dignified in Papua in the shortest possible time.

Secondly, we urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono before ended his term in order to immediately implement it and open space communications widely and fairly in order to create and maintain a conducive situation.

Third, we urged the competent parties, among others functional ministries, the Governor, the Regents, Papua Legislative Council and Papua People’s Assembly to be able to immediately resolve the problem or stop the potential conflicts that exist so it will not give negative impact for Peace Dialogue efforts.

Fourth, we urged all parties to stop the stigmatization of Papuans as a separatist group. Fifth, to invite religious leaders,traditional leaders, community leaders, journalists and media leaders to wholeheartedly supports and encourages efforts of Jakarta-Papua dialogue.

Sixth, we invited all parties to reject and not to choose presidential candidate which has a period of record 2014-2019as perpetrators of human rights such as the violations of human rights in Papua in Indonesia.Seventh, we believe, the resolution will be one of indicators to show Indonesia as nation that fair and civilized.

We, the Inter-Faith Network of Indonesia, both as individuals andinstitutions expressed our readiness to assist and facilitate the meeting across interests in an effort to realize the Papua Land of Peace. Sentani, May 232014 – Inter-Faith Network Indonesia to Papua Land of Peace. (Jubi / Mecky/ Tina)

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