mama-mama-Papua di Intan Jaya
The atmosphere of people in Intan Jaya, at traditional market.

Papua Customary Council: Intan Jaya was in chaos after the deployment of Indonesian Army


Nabire, Jubi – The Papuan Customary Council or DAP noted, the chaos that occurred in Intan Jaya began with the implementation of security forces. Especially Indonesian Army since the early 2020 who are using helicopters and roads from Paniai Regency.

The Intan Jaya area was previously safe, but has been in chaos since the deployment of troops. The existing problem is not a social problem, so the Regent of Intan Jaya can solve it, ” said Secretary II of The Papuan Customary Council, John NR Gobay to Jubi via phone call, on Tuesday (20/10/2020).

According to Gobay, the indigenous people of Intan Jaya really know how to solve problems if it was social problems.

“This is not a matter of mining permits. Because this matter really depends on the people of Intan Jaya. If people reject the Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) Company to enter Intan Jaya, then it won’t happen. Therefore, the Papua Governor’s recommendation is then seen as a source of trouble, “he said.

However, he emphasized that the problem was the existence of non-organic troops, which then arose and resulted in casualties on various sides.


“There must be a strategic effort by the Papuan People’s Representative Council (DPRP), People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) and People’s Representative Council of Indonesia (DPR RI), which is the withdrawal of non-organic troops from Paniai and Intan Jaya, this area must developed without the sound of weapons,” he said.

He emphasized that Papuan problems must not be resolved with violence, but must be resolved dialogues and peace without the sound of weapons.

“It is a solution for Papua,” he said.

Intan Jaya’s Catholic Pastor, P. Yance Wadogoubii Yogi, Pr asked all church congregation throughout Meepago and Papua so that the conflict in Intan Jaya would be resolved quickly.

“I ask the various components to not raising false issues in the mass media. This is worsening the situation; I hope to pray for us at Intan Jaya to recover soon from the unsafe situation that we faced there, ”he said when met by Jubi in Paniai.

He also asked the central government and the province of Papua not to add a heavy burden to the people with offering various programs, but actually solve the problem properly.

“That’s it, you can’t overdo it with any offers. We are dying to take care of all congregation, whether Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB), Indonesian Army, police, as well as my people. I stood in their midst. I cannot be partial. Let us end this problem together, “he said. (*)


Editor: Syam Terrajana

Translated by: Nuevaterra

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