Intan Jaya Government Neglects Students Outside Papua


Jayapura, Jubi – The education department of Intan Jaya has neglected students who have studied  outside Papua since 2013, a senior high school student said.

“There was no communication since we attended the school. The local government has not come to see us for about three semesters.” the student who refused to be named told Jubi from Bali, where he is studying.

When asked about students’ living allowances, the student replied that they got from the central government only. ” Yes, we received living allowance money but it is not enough to meet our monthly needs,” he said

Separately, the secretary of the education department of Intan Jaya regency, Dominic Ulukyanan, confirmed to Jubi via cellphone on Sunday (02/08/2015), that there was no fund for the year of 2013 and 2014.
“As it was not allocated it so it is difficult for us. Actually, the budget has been proposed yet it was not realized, ” Ulukyanan explained.

Last time we planned each student would receive one million per month but it was canceled because in the 2014 Autonomy funds was already used up.
“There is a education budget allocated for 2015 from regent that would be realized by education department through regent’s recommendation, “he said. He hoped that, by 2015 it can help them. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)


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