Inpres School in Timika Ready To Execute 2013 Curriculum


Timika, Jubi – The Inpres Elementary School (SD) in Timika has not implemented the 2013 Curriculum ( K-13) because it did not have the guide bookk, the principal, Ellen Agaky said in Timika on Tuesday (4/11).

“We are ready to implement the 2013 curriculum, only we still have problems. Up until now guidebooks for each subject have not been received. So far we are still using Curriculum Based Competence ( KTSP), ” she said.

“All the teachers have been participating in the socialization. In academic year 2015/2016,  we well be ready to implement Curriculum 2013,” she added.

Ellen admitted that the school needs additional classrooms “Although the teaching and learning process relatively runs smoothly but we lack classrooms. We have two study sessions which are studying in the morning and afternoon” she explained.

Currently it has 611 students, divided into 18 study groups and only 12 classrooms are available.


Mimika regent deputy, Yohanes Basang when visited the school promised to build four additional classrooms.
“We will wait for his promise. We hope that he would build not only the classrooms, but also the school office as we are still using the library, “he hoped.

Meanwhile, one of the parents, Jonathan, was very happy if the school could implement the 2013 Curriculum. “We want children to study well. We hopes that the 2013 curriculum could be implemented “he said. (Eveerth Joumilena/Tina)

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