The office of Papua Province - Jubi

Infrastructure Upgrade Needed to Increase Food Security, Official Says

The office of Papua Province - Jubi

The office of Papua Province – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Improvements in infrastructure and development of nurseries are needed to to increase food security, Papua’s third assistant for Economic Affairs and Social Welfare, Elia Loupatty said.

“One of challenges faced in agriculture is related to the nutritional balance of the family. This can be addressed by promoting local food as one of important local sources, because it can reduce dependence on commodities of rice,” Loupatty stated in Jayapura this week.

He further said for the development of food security as well as counseling in Papua needs serious attention from all parties.

Responding to that, he said the provincial government must prioritize the remaining three years of the strategic program of economic empowerment and institutional hometown.
“This will be done through five regional customs, Tabi, Saereri, Ha Nimha, Meepago and Lapago,” he said.


To support this, the central government through the allocation of state budget has been providing assistance to the community in the form of venture capital assistance.

While province of Papua through budget allocations have provided aid of package production facilities and assistance through extension to motivate and improve the knowledge and skills of farmers.
“It is necessary for the improvement and development of infrastructure land development, water and seed and breeding to improve food availability and value-added agricultural products,” said Loupatty.

He added that the development of food self-sufficient is one of the village community development programs by developing productive businesses.
“This has been done with the help of the social fund (Bansos) from food security agency of the Ministry of Agriculture amounted to Rp. 400 million each regency / city or each region Rp. 200 million since 2013,” he said again.

Previously, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said government gave significant attention on economic sector by rising 5 percent of budget economy allocations sourced from the Special Autonomy Fund.
“With the increase in the budget of the economy including agriculture, it will encourage the people to work harder in dealing with food security in their respective areas,”Enembe said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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