Indonesian Security Forces fire on West Papuans


Jubi/AWPA – The Security Forces again target KNBP in West Papua. One person killed and 3 wounded.

Throughout the week (11 to 18 March) the Yahukimo Regional Branch of the KNBP held a fundraising campaign in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

On the morning of Thursday 19 March, as preparations were underway for the closing ceremony in Dekai, Yahukimo regency the Yahukimo District Police and a mobile brigade arrived and started tearing down the stage, confiscating KNPB banners, megaphones, speakers, microphones and cameras and used force to disband the crowd. According to the police the organisers did not have a permit to hold the event.

The crowed became angry at the heavy -handed approach by the security forces and in the melee that followed Brimob members fired at the crowd resulting in one person killed and 3 wounded.

During this incident, police said an officer’s revolver was grabbed as the security forces dispersed the people at the closing ceremony and it was also reported the Dekai Airport was besieged to prevent troop reinforcements from arriving.


The list of casualties are from first reports and it is understood that human rights defenders are on the ground investigating the incidents and will report in more detail after their investigation.

Obang segenil aged 48 years, a village head who was shot and died while receiving medical attention in Yakuhimo hospital
Samson Giban (42 years), Shot in the left hand
Titus Giban (39 years), shot in the ribs
Iner Sekenil (16 years) shot in the hand.

Arrested and currently detained at the police station in Yakuhimo

Elkius Kobak (23), White Bahabol (28), Era Kobak (26), Julius Payage (32) and Pion Yelemaken (22). (*)

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