Map of West Papua Province - Jubi

Indonesian Police Supplies Weapons to West Papua Police

Map of West Papua Province - Jubi

Map of West Papua Province – Jubi

Manokwari, Jubi – Indonesian Police Headquarters will provide the arsenal supplies to the West Papua Regional Police Headquarters to support Simultaneous Head Election held on 9 December 2015.

The Indonesian Police Deputy Chief, Commissionaire General Budi Gunawan told in Manowari that in addition to arsenal, the headquarters would also provide other equipment. “It will getting ready soon. The supplies start to distribute by the day after tomorrow, including the public security equipment, arsenal and other equipment,” Budi Gunawan told reporters in West Papua Police’s yard.

He said the headquarters is ready to back up the West Papua Police Headquarters. According to him, as new established office, the West Papua Police Headquarters is sill lacking of both personnel and unit’s equipment. He also observed the number of personnel is still limited. Therefore it needs to increase gradually.

His visit, according to deputy chief, was to observe the readiness of local office to do security related to the preparation of local election in this province. “Papua Barat Headquarters was just established less than a year. So, it needs to check their preparation,” he said.


Separately, the Head of Mobile Brigade Unit of West Papua Police, the Police Senior Commissionaire Heri Herjandi said he would send his personnel to pick up the weapons delivered by the Indonesian Police Headquarters on Thursday (3/12/2015).

He admitted the West Papua Police Headquarters have lack of weapons, including his unit. Therefore the headquarters’ supplies would be very useful. “Related to the election, the number of my personnel is 505, while we only got 302 weapons,” said Herjandi. (*/rom)

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