Ilustration - suplied

National Police Supply 160 Firearms to West Papua Police

Ilustration - suplied

Ilustration – suplied

Manokwari, Jubi – The National Police supplied 160 firearms to the West Papua Police to support operations aimed at serving the public.

West Papua Police Chief Brigadier General Paulus Warterpauw told journalists on Sunday (5/7/2015) in Manokwari that the firearms consistex of 100 SS V1 – 7.62 MM caliber, 40 revolvers 86 SPC caliber and 20 CZ 9 MM caliber.

“According to the procedures and regulation, those firearms are intended for officers to carry out service on the ground,” the chief said.
He said he hoped the officers would use the weapons properly while on duty. Besides the firearms, the chief said the the National Police also provides 10 units of cars and 50 units of motorbikes to support the operations of West Papua Police to serve the community.

“The officers are already using those operational vehicles in delivering services to community,” he said. He further said West Papua Police currently still needs many more facilities to support the execution of police services either enforcing the law or providing social service to community.


According to him, most of West Papua’s jurisdiction territorials are marine regions that have risk of exploitation of marine resources and prohibited goods smuggling such as liquors, drugs and firearms. Therefore the West Papua Police needs facilities that could support their task in monitoring the marine regions to prevent the illegal activities such as illegal fishing by foreign fishermen and prohibited goods smuggling.

“We have submitted a proposal to the Indonesian Police Chief to provide the ship and helicopter for West Papua Police so that we could monitor our marine territorial to the remote islands in Raja Ampat, Kaimana, Fakfak to Wondama Bay,” he added. (*/rom)


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