Indonesian Migrant Worker Must Report Papua Provincial Government to Work in Papua New Guinea


Jayapura, Jubi – Head of Papua Manpower and Population Affairs Office Yan Piet Rawar stated Indonesian Migrant Worker must report to Papua Provincial Government before heading to Papua New Guinea for working.

“Papua Provincial Government is Central Government’s representative. Thus, those who want to work in Papua New Guinea must report to the government if they want to go out of Papua,” Rawar said in Jayapura last week.

He further said the Central Government through the National Agency for Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement and Protection (BNPPTKI) also need to make coordination with the Papua Provincial Government related to migrant workers in PNG, especially when they entered to PNG by land line. ‘They must report it to the governor despite the workers are not coming from Papua,” he said.
About the deportation case of 138 Indonesian migrant workers from PNG due to lack of working permit, Rawar said there should be an inspection on the companies of employment agencies that recruited them. “It’s against the rule because they didn’t report it. We don’t know where are they living now because they didn’t report,” he said.

Thus, he asked the Central Government to restraint the employment agencies to follow the rule and procedure. But he acknowledged that his office also has limitation related to lack of labor inspectors at the border area, as a consequence the office has not certain number of Indonesian migrant workers who are currently working in PNG.

Earlier, there were 136 Indonesian migrant workers deported from PNG but now already returned to work after completing their immigration documents. Meanwhile the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Rimbink Pato said not aware about the deportation over 136 Indonesian migrant workers by his government. “I never signed a document to deport the Indonesian migrant workers who work at Palm Oil Farming in Bewani,” Pato said last week in Honiara. (Munir/rom)


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