Indonesian and PNG Soldiers Teach Elementary School Students

Indonesia and PNG military at the border (Jubi)

Indonesia and PNG military at the border (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – A task force of border security (Pamtas) of the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (RI-PNG) taught national awareness to elementary students of SD Inpres Kampung Workwana, Keerom.

In addition, soldiers of Battalion 400/Rider also painted and cleaned the  elementary school.

According to Lieutenant Chb Sani Adithya Dharma, for four days, the military carried out painting and cleaning around the school as well as taught the kids about the importance of cleanliness, taught basic knowledge about computer, nationality and drills. The services are from Friday (17/4) to Tuesday ( 21/4).

“The service  is one form of territorial development undertaken by soldiers,” he said in Jayapura this week.


He further explained, Workwana is one of the villages in Arso, Keerom where there is one RI-PNG border post of task force from Battalion 400 / Raider led by Sergeant Dian Retno.

Dian Retno further said teaching and learning conditions in the border region is still quite poor.
“The presence of the military post in Kampung Workwana should be able to give a different color and draw the enthusiasm of the students to be more enthusiasm in learning activities by providing a wide range of subject particularly the awareness of nationality,” Lieutenant Sani said.

Separately, principal of Elementary school SD Workwana, Dominggas Karat, said the program was very good, especially to train students to be more disciplined.

“The presence of the military in the midst of the citizens is very precise, particularly in helping our school community which now looks clean and beautiful, so that we can be comfortable in teaching and learning process,” he said.

“I am very happy and grateful to the soldiers who have helped us in the process of learning. I can not give anything to them that willing to help our school. Once again, I thank you and proud of them. May God bless them, Amin, “Karat said. (*/rom)

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