Military chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua (Jubi)


Military chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua (Jubi)

Military chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua (Jubi)

Jayapura, 6/4 (Jubi) – The military urged the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs contacted the representative of Papua New Guinea after a shooting incident at the border on Saturday (5/4).

“I suggest the Minister of Defense ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make coordination with the representative of PNG to find solution on the problem of Indonesian citizens in Papua New Guinea including those who have different ideology in order to maintain the good relationship between PNG and Indonesia,” said  Cenderawasih XVII regional military chief Major General Christian Zebua.

Zebua reported to Army Chief of Staff General Budiman via teleconference on Monday at the Military Region Cenderawasih Headquarters on Sunday (6/4).
“It took time to handle the situation because there was an armed group and civilians. So we tried to be a little more patient to separate those who have guns and civilians,” he said.

Earlier, when the Morning flag was lowered, Zebua led the forces to chase the armed group but they managed to escape to PNG.


In the last incident, Cenderawasih XVII Chief of Staff Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian said the armed group tried to provoke the Indonesian forces to take firm action by raising a Morning Star flag at the Indonesian Border. “However, our forces were disciplined, restrained so they’re able control their acts,” said Siburian on Saturday (5/4).

His statement explained why the Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner (Pol) Alfred Papare with some police and military officers just watched the incident from a tower. But then the group opened fire at the tower and hit its window glass, causing injuries to the Police Chief and a soldier.
“They did it on purpose in the border area, so we could not chase them if they cross the border,” Siburian said.

In the official website, it is said the joined forces who secured the scene were consisting of the army and the police who guard the Indonesian territorial and border area. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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