Indonesia Flag Flown Upside Down in West Papua Parliament Office


Manokwari, Jubi – The red and white flag in the Office of Manokwari Legislative Council of West Papua Province has hoisted upside down for seven hours.

The secretary of the Provincial Legislative Council of West Papua in Manokwari, Yunus Kondororit said on Monday (27/7/2015) the error was made by security guards who hoisted the flag.

“It was not done by the staff of the secretariat of Parliament but was done by the security guards,” he said.

He explained, actually there was no intention and it was pure negligence by the guards, who might have been sleepy.

After raising the national flag, the person went home and none of staff saw the flag was upside down until informed by community.


“I, as leader of the staff have reported the raising of the national flag of red and white to the police chief,” he said.

He added that, if the police want to investigate this incident, the secretariat will not prevent it.
Separately, Johnny Eddizon Isir said it will conduct an investigation to ensure whether there is an intention or not. (*)

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