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Indigenous Papuans Increasingly Marginalized, Legislator Agree on Moratorium

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Ilustration – Jub

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Tan Wie Long said he endorsed the Minister of Internal Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo’s plan to issue a moratorium on regional divisios, which means no more New Autonomy Regions (DOB).

The member of the Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council for Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs said the formation of DOB will further marginalize indigenous Papuans on their own land.

“In the constitutional right, as the member of the Commission of the Papua Legislative Council, I agree with the moratorium of regional division. For example in Papua, better to focus on people’s prosperity, especially for indigenous Papuan, with many programs designed and implemented by the Provincial, Central and Regional/Municipal governments. It must be a priority,” he said to Jubi on Wednesday (24/2/2016).

Another reason is he thought DOB might be raising a new conflict among the people at the border area. In addition, the regional division would trigger the outsiders coming to Papua, as the result it would not be restricted people coming to Papua but invite them instead. It would certainly raise a social distrust.


“Why? When DOB was established, not entire local human resources are ready to work, including those who running the administration. It would attract the ready-to-work resources. If it was continuously to be happened, it would trigger a gap, moreover if non-Papuan then obtained strategic posts, it would cause another interpretation,” he said.

He said it couldn’t be denied if many parties who push the formation of DOB due to certain interest without thinking the readiness of the human resources. According to him, DOB was frequently proposed in order to shortening the government’s power and streamlining the public services and so on. But the fact is many things are not yet implemented.

“Do not always raise the issue on DOB formation by mentioning it as people’s aspiration, while the exact number of population in Papua, especially the native Papuans, is still on question. I hope the moratorium is really being implemented. Those representing regional party must conduct self-introspection to improve the welfare of Papuan people, especially the indigenous People. It is more important,” he said.

Few days ago, the Minister of Internal Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo said the government decided to implement the moratorium considering the limitation of State’s budget recently.

“The implication of autonomy is enormous and we will convey many considerations to the House of Representative which directing to moratorium. We will form new moratorium,” he said as cited in some media.

He said the condition of current State’s financial is not suitable to support the formation of DOB because each would plan to build many public service buildings and recruitment of civil servants.

“DOB proposal is very common recently. There are 87 DOB proposals have not yet decided up to now. There are extra new DOB proposals from provincial, regional-municipal goverments. For example, Sumbawa Province, Madura, Gorongalo, Buton Islands, Nias, Tapabuli and so on,” he said.

But Tjahjo Kumolo admitted he doesn’t know until when the moratorium would be applied. According to him, the government still needs to review its fiscal condition first to repeal the moratorium. Because the government is currently prioritizing the infrastructure and rural developments. Tjahjo Kumolo revealed the regional division has double increased since 1999. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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