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Wednesday, 1 April 2015 - 18:18 WIB

Indigenous Land Can Be Certified By National Land Agency

Timika, Jubi – Native Papuans do not have to worry about their customary land as it can be certified by the National Land Agency ( ATR/BPN), an official said.

The head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Rendi Wrihatmolo said last week that communal land plays an important role in development.
“In the future if development continues, eventually lands of indigenous peoples will be purchased by investors. So to overcome this, we allow indigenous peoples in Papua to have a certificate of customary land, “he said.

“Last month the ministry of ATR / BPN issued a regulation on communal land that can be certified. And for the land measurement, it can be carried out by the local government,” he explained.

With the regulation of the Minister, the next incoming investors are no longer able to buy broken off traditional lands, only when they want to invest in Papua. Investors should only borrow or rent land to indigenous communities to build. It also provides benefits for indigenous peoples, a lifetime can enjoy traditional land rents up to its descendants.
“It also give benefits to the investors not to worry of the prices of the land. In addition, the land will be forever belongs to the property of indigenous peoples, “he explained.

Governor deputy of Papua Province, Klemen Tinal said Papua is Special Autonomy Region, so that the regulations issued by the Ministry also must be fit and applicable for Papua.
“So it is clear that the land is not sold as province of Bali did,” Governor deputy stated. (Eveerth Joumilena)


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