A poster in the demonstration (Jubi)


A poster in the demonstration (Jubi)

A poster in the demonstration (Jubi)

Wamena, 12/3 (Jubi) – Papuan indigenous employers in Jayawijaya Regency staged a demostration at the office of  the local procurement services unit  on Tuesday (11/03/14) to demanding involvement in some infrastructure projects.

The protestors grouped under the Papuan Employers Association accused the unit of giving preferential treatment to non-Papuans.
“There are not many indigenous entrepreneurs in Wamena and they can be involved. I hope the ULP (the local procurement unit) can involve the Papuan Employers Association in project implementation and refer to Presidential Decree No 84 about the involvement of indigenous entrepreneurs,” said Freddy Hubby, a local businessman who also acted as the coordinator of the association

Head of Procurement Services Unit (ULP), Mansur Latif met the protestors at his office.

The Chairman of the Jayawijaya Chamber of Commerce, Max Marian said the Presidential Decree states that a project worth less than fewer 1 billion rupiah should be carried out by indigenous contractors, but the regulation is rarely enforced.


He said he hoped the ULP would take this issue seriously. “If ULP was not facilitating our request, then we will return to stage a similar action at their office,” he said.

Latif said the number of construction projects for the current year is fewer than last year and there are more contractors than the projects.

He said he was not authorized to make a decision. “I will convey their demand to the Jayawijaya Regent,” said Latif. (Jubi/Ronny/rom)

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