Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) office - Jubi

Indigenous Council’s Recommendation Needed to Win Legislative Seats

Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) office - Jubi

Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) office – Jubi

Biak, Jubi – Papuans seeking to occupy  14 seats reserved for native people in the Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) must receive a recommendation from the Regional Indigenous Council from each territory, the council’s chairman said this week.

The acting chairman of the Papuan Customary Council (DAP), Willem Bonay said it is important that all indigenous Papuans who want to occupy the seats are those who actually represent native tribes through the recommendations given.

He urged all Papuans to respect the culture and customs and did not fight for the seats as the seats have been divided by region – indigenous territories in the province of Papua and West Papua.

In addition, the DPRP seats for indigenous people is only intended for native Papuans who have been struggling to organize and put indigenous peoples at the actual position. Certainty it will be decided by the Council of Indigenous from each region.
“At least this time people have concerns to fight for indigenous rights and they are recognized by the tribes who are in the territory for example the Mananwir in Biak, “Bonay added.


Bonai said consideration of the level of education is not needed because all they need is able to fight for indigenous peoples. In addition, the person has to be free from all sorts of dirty deeds so that when the seat representing the indigenous people, they can do something for indigenous peoples.
“The Government of Papua Province must be neutral in making a decision in order not to harm the indigenous peoples, “Bonay stated.

Yesaya Wamaer, one of the indigenous Peoples from said he was trying to get a recommendation from the Council of Indigenous byak. He hoped byak Tribal Council can make a recommendation for him to represent all Byak indigenous peoples in the DPRP. (Marten Boseren)

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