Elections process in highland (Jubi)


Alections process in Wamena, Jatawijaya (Jubi)

Alections process in Wamena, Jatawijaya (Jubi)

Jayapura, 16/4 (Jubi) – The number of ballots in Jayapura regency exceeded the number of voters during last week’s parliamentary elections, suggesting irregularities, said an independent election observer,  A, Honogoro.

Excess ballots were found  in several villages, including Tikawo Village of Asologaima Sub-district, where only 47 of 544 registered voters came to the polling station. In Wetalak Village of Pelebaga sub-district, there were 354 ballots for 107 voters. A similar situation happened at TPS (Polling station) 1 and TPS 2 in Walak Village of Asologaima Sub-district.

“The number of ballots was fewer than the number of voters in TPS 01 in Wesaput Village of Wesaput Sub-district. The Village Chief said there were 1,000 voters but they only had about 400 ballots, so many people couldn’t vote,” another member of the independent monitoring team, Adriana Hilapok, told reporters at Padangbulan, Jayapura on Wednesday (16/4).

The independent team also found some ballots for regional legislators missing at TPS 7 located in front of Baliem Pilamo Hotel in Wamena Kota Sub-district. It was also found that some ballots were that already used at one TPS and reused at another TPS in Wamena Kota and Asotipo sub-districts.


In several places such as Wesaput, Asotipo and Musatfak, the rest of ballots were equally distributed to the parliament candidates who are of local origins. Meanwhile in other places, there were conflicts between officials and local people who came to vote.

In Sinaput, the officials used the rest of ballots, while in Miligatmen Asologaima, the rest of ballots were distributed among the native people of this sub-district, a local committee said.
“The team found the polling station in the Kosilapok Village of Hubukosi Sub-district was not opened. The ballots were allegedly allocated for one of legislature candidate from the local village the day before the election. The similar situation was happened at the polling station in front of the Women Empowerment Office in Autakma, Wamena Kota,” a team member of Honogoro, Bernard Kalndija said to reporters in Padangbulan, Jayapura on Wednesday (16/4). (Jubi/Aprila/rom)

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