Regional people's representative Council (DPRD), Merauke, Soter Kamiawi (Jubi)


Regional people's representative Council (DPRD), Merauke, Soter Kamiawi (Jubi)

Regional people’s representative Council (DPRD), Merauke, Soter Kamiawi (Jubi)

Merauke, 4/2 (Jubi) – The quota of fuel oil (BBM) for the people in the villages of the District Waan, Merauke Regency is 5 tons to be delivered every month. It’s just the type of gasoline, fuel distribution through one agent in the District of Kimaam, It’s just survive only a day or two days.

“The community was not able to buy through an agent again. But it is already through to the retailers, “said one member of the Regional people’s representative Council (DPRD), Merauke, Soter Kamiawi found in his Office Tuesday (4/2).
“I don’t understand the kind of premium FUEL distribution for the community in the District of Waan and Kimaam or. Because when the FUEL (BBM) is transported by ship and arrived at Kimaam, in a matter of two days is directly exhausted, “said Soter.
The problem, according to Soter, the buyer is not a community. But there is a suspicion of the game between agents and retailers. “We have never fired an agent and our position was succeeded by others. This is the same thing, an act which they performed again. Fuel (BBM) disappeared instantly and the community is very difficult to get it, “he said.
Thus, the FUEL (BBM) is in the hands of retailers and sales prices are strangling the neck.”Yes, it is the fact that fuel prices are mainly sold at a premium Waan is Rp 30,000 per liter. Even so, people are still buying for various needs for operating speeds to look for fish, “he said.
“In a month, I have always been into the villages in the District of Waan. Societies there are always complaining with the high price of fuel (BBM). In fact, it is the subsidized fuel (BBM) and it’s should be sold for Rp 5,000/litre to the people, “said Soter.
In the other hand Other Board members, Dominic Ulukyanan admit if society in the region as well as really Kimaam Waan, very difficulty getting fuel (BBM). In fact, every month there are quotas allocated. For the supply of district Kimaam is 10 ton. While Waan with 5 tons.

“We have already voiced to the Government of regency Merauke and in order for the relevant agencies to conduct surveillance on a regular basis against distribution of FUEL (BBM) to the two of districts. It’s just that, until now not respond properly, Dominiku “criticism. (Jubi/Ans/Frans)

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