Old peoples in Biak Numfor had medical service (Jubi)


Old peoples in Biak Numfor had medical service (Jubi)

Old peoples in Biak Numfor had medical service (Jubi)

Biak , 19/1 ( Jubi ) – To increase the life expectancy of people in Biak, the Government of Biak Numfor Regency through Department of Health opens health care to its citizens who are elderly , through the Integrated Service Post ( IHC ) or known as POSYANDU coordinated by Community Health Center ( Puskesmas) from each district . When Puskesmas Yendidori runs this program, it turns senior elder people are so enthusiastic.

” We are very fortunate and so happy with the presence of the Posyandu of Elderly because we can come for free health ( healthy controls ) monthly , without any cost. Poor them to our parents who do not come. “said Mrs. Kristina Aebekob / Simbiak to tabloidjubi.com, at Puskesmas Yendidori on Sunday ( 19/1 ).
The 51-year -old woman added that the presence of Elderly Posyandu in Yendidori district makes herself and other elderly people feel so happy because it turns out that they still have a chance to live longer with this medical examinations conducted each month by officers of medical health center .
Meanwhile, Head of PuskesmasYendidori, dr . Lina explained that this Posyandu is a program of Puskesmas Yendidori , specifically for citizens who are aged over 45 years . This program resembles IHC child / toddler, so there is a control card ( KMS ) in order to control their health condition on a regular basis .
Further, dr Lina explained that the elderly health program is a form of business programs with public health , which is implemented by public and facilitated by the health center also aided by PT . Askes (Health Insurance Company ). From 145 elderly people, there are 45 people who are members of Askes said dr . Lina ,
Anthony Andrianto , S.Kep , Nes , a coordinator of Posyandu of Elderly in Yendidori added , the health care for the elderly ia using 5 tables , meaning that each participant will go through 5 tables to get health care programs .
” The first table is for registration , second is for a medical examination , the third is for recording which will then be included in the KMS ( Health Card ) , the fourth is for medication and table and the last table is for receiving supplementary food . Yes , so it ‘s not only a child who get the additional food , the elderly gets extra food as well. ” he explained .
In general, said Anton , the conducted examination to elderly is to determine condition of elderly health from threats of hypertension, diabetes ,gout , heart disease and other specific diseases .
Anton addes, integrated health services ( Posyandu ) has been running for 1 year and 4 months .And It is held every month . Other activities has been undertaken is is to involve the elderly in healthy gymnastic activity . Despite its age , they must keep moving and have a regular health check in order to have high levels of life expectancy. (ab/ Jubi/Tina)

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