Illegal logging activity in West Papua - Suplied

Illegal Logging in Papua Can be Bombed, Governor Says

Illegal logging activity in West Papua - Suplied

Illegal loging activity in West Papua – Suplied

Sentani, Jubi –Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said forests in Papua have been significantly damaged, including those in Paniai. When they are viewed from the air, there are no trees.

“Thus geographically in 10-20 years from now, the two large islands of Papua and West Papua will drop out of the neck of the island is due to illegal logging and it is mostly transported through the sea to out of Papua,” he said last week.

To protect the forest from concession users in this area, he added, all of the leaders in Papua should be more careful in issuing permission. “Is the permit profitable or not, recently a lot of illegal logging of timber is transported out Jayapura and Keerom regencies and the reports are on my desk,” he said.

He hoped the Ministry of Forestry and Environment could use the same maneuver done by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs by submerging a number of foreign fishing vessels that carry out illegal fishing.
“If ships that sailed to steal the fish can be destroyed, why don’t we use the same method for those who stealing timber. As a governor, I reiterate I urge the Ministry of Forestry and Environment to immediately form a task force to oversee the illegal logging in the region,” Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe stated.


Earlier, head of Provincial Forestry Department Yan Yap Ormuserai revealed some timber companies were foiled by security guards in taking out the illegal logging. “Four wooden containers owned by PT. IJP and PT. SUM and nine truckloads of logs are arrested by police in Keerom and is currently still under investigation by the authorities, “he said. (Engelberth Wally)

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