Timika , 8/1 ( Jubi ) – Illegal immigrants and foreign nationals who do not have an identity, strictly forbidden to enter the territorial area of Mimika. If caught then Indonesian Navy which is under the jurisdiction of the Mimika regency ready to take decisive action.

“If I catch Immigrants and foreigners who have no legal documents in territorial waters of Timika, they will directly removed from this area , without being brought directly to the Timika, ” said Naval Base Commander , Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) Rudhy Aviantara , in Timika on Wednesday ( 8/1 ).

However, Lt. Col. Rudhy said they will continue to build a good relationship with the Immigration Office to block the intents and purposes of immigrants and foreign residents .
“We will continue to cooperate with the Immigration Office to follow up on the actions of foreigners who entered with a specific purpose in the region , especially those who do not have legal documents and permissions.Timika is the territory of the Republic of Indonesia , “said Marine Lt. Col, Rudhy Aviantara.

According to him, the cost required to deport someone back to a country foreign national is huge enough, so that it is better used for the welfare of the people .
“So if there are immigrants or foreigners were caught , we do not take it to Timika , but immediately to get them out of this region . Our budget is better spent for the benefit of the regency , ” he continued .


In addition, said Rudhy , to prevent this ,we need supports and cooperation from all elements like from local government, so that the actions of the immigrants or foreigners who might be detrimental to the regency can be addressed together .

A fisherman Paomako , Marthen admitted during his search for a fish, he has yet to find illegal immigrants who entered Timika . Except when the ship – foreign vessels entering Mimika waters, example ships – search fungus shrimp from countries – the other Asian countries .
“May all be prevented , especially ships – foreign ships for fishing in Indonesian waters , including in Mimika,” he said . (Jubi/Eveerth/Tina)

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