Stadium of Mandala, home of Persipura Football Club (Jubi)

If they close the (stadium) gate, we will ask them to open it.

Stadium of Mandala, home of Persipura Football Club (Jubi)

Stadium of Mandala, home of Persipura Football Club (Jubi)

Jayapura, 7/1, (Jubi) – Chief Executive of the Indonesia Sports Committee of Papua Region, Klemen Tinal, urged community of Kampung Kayubatu, Jayapura city, do not to close the Mandala Stadium. Because the Mandala stadium is government assets that are used for the benefit of peoples of Papua.

To reporters, Tuesday (7/1) in Swissbell Hotel, Clement Tinal asserted if the residents still close the stadium’s gate, he would invite them to open the gate. On January 10, the Mandala stadium will be used for a match between Persipura Jayapura, the best Indonesia’s football club against Perseru Serui, another Papua’s football club in Indonesia Super League.

“Do not be closed. Now, it is not the right way. We are living together in Papua. If they close the gate, we will ask them to open it. It’s not for personal gain, because some of Persipura’s players come from the Kayubatu village, ” said Tinal who is also the Vice Governor of the Province of Papua.

According to Tinal, if their demands is to pay land compensation, it is another problem because it is not the authority of the Sports Committee.


“Please re-checked again. If it had not been paid and so forth, I think the mechanism is clear for all of us. I do not know happened, but if teams want to play and the stadium is closed, it is wrong. It is the interests of Peoples of Papua. Peoples of Kayubatu also Peoples of Papua,” he said.

Previously, one of the customary peoples of Kayubatu, as the owner of the land that used for Stadium of Mandala, Andi Makanuay, asserts that since October 31, 2013 they had sent a letter to the Governor of Papua Province to address this issue.

“And today (Tuesday, 7/1) we will write a letter to the mayor of Jayapura Municipality,” said Andi Makanuay when found in Abepura District Court, Province of Papua.

The case of closure of Stadium, ever happened when ISL 2010-2011 season, when the match between Persipura against Persisam Samarinda will take place. When Persisam Samarinda would trying the football field, the field has been closed by Kayubatu community. It was lucky because former Deputy Governor of Papua Province, Alex Hesegem has guarantee to solve the problem of land compensation of Mandala Stadium. The next day the match between Persisam against Persipura could be done. (Jubi/Roberth Wanggai/Victor Mambor)

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