A poster carried by students (Jubi)


A poster carried by students (Jubi)

A poster carried by students (Jubi)

Jayapura, 21/5 (Jubi) – Hundreds of students rallied outside  the Papua governor’s office on Wednesday ( 21/5) to demand the government resolve the tribal conflict between Moni and Dani people  in Mimika.

They carried banners that read: “Government of provincial Papua, Papua Legislative Council, Papua People’s Assembly, 16 regents in Central Mountains, the police chief and regional commander, immediately form a team to solve conflict that has caused many causalities”.

Another read: “Papua Government, government of Mimika regency and PT. Freeport to return customary rights of Timika – Paniai trans high way to the owner of the land”.

Protest coordinator Detinus Magay said the government and local security authorities have not addressed the problem properly.
“There have been many casualties, while the government and the security forces do not act proactively to resolve this issue,” he said.


Tinus Gobay read a statement before Hery Dosinaen, Regional Secretary of Papua, Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare, and chief of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono.
“We urge the governor, the Papua Legislative Council, Papua People’s Assembly, Papua Police and the Regional Commander and 16 regents of Central Highlands with PT. Freeport Indonesia to address and resolve the conflict. ” he said.

The students urged authorities to enforce the national law to resolve conflicts and murders that occurred in Mimika instead of the customary law. The protesters also insisted to stop dumping leftover dregs of gold along Kabur river because it gives assurance to the community miners to perform acts of violence or murder and feel easy to make money and create conflicts.
“We demanded security forces and provincial government to immediately formulate liquor trade regulation in Mimika as we see that it becomes the main cause of the conflict.” Tinus said.

He added, the police and the local government have made efforts to resolve the conflict in Mimika.
“I also feel what you feel. You cried, I cried because I have been many years of living in the mountains. We will not stay silent, ” he added.

To resolve this conflict, the provincial government will soon send a radiogram to all regents in the mountains. We plan governor, all regents of Central Mountains and team to be there on May 26.
“MRP, governments and other parties have dealt with this issue but the war still continues. I want to say to all tribal children to work together for peace. Today, I will send a radiogram to all regents in the Mountains, “he said.

In front of the protesters, Hery Dosinaen reminded that all students of the mountains to remain solid and together hand in hand look at this issue.
“I hope there is no provocateur. Let us join together to resolve the issues,” he said. (Jubi / Alex/ Tina)

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