Papua Councilor, Wilhemus Pigai - Jubi

Human Right Violations in Papua Continue Despite Jokowi’s Presidency, Says Papua Councilor

Papua Councilor, Wilhemus Pigai - Jubi

Papua Councilor, Wilhemus Pigai – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Councilor Wilhemus Pigai questioned the commitment of President Joko Widodo to develop Papua and settle cases of human rights violations as promised during the election campaign last year.

“When he was elected as president, series of human right violation cases were occurred in Papua, including Paniai Case on 8 December 2014, Yahukimo case, Dogiyai case, Tolikara incident and the recent shooting incident in Timika,” he said on Wednesday (2/9/2015).

According to him, in the last President Election, the majority people of Papua gave their vote to Jokowi with expectation he would more pay attention and provide justice for the people of Papua.
“At that time, Papuans were likely gave a message to Jokowi that they are also the Indonesian citizens who had less attention for long time, so they asked for it. Now, where is his promise to build Indonesia from Papua? What about his concern on human right violations in Papua,” he said.

Regarding to Mimika shooting incident, he also asked the National Human Right Violation could immediately do investigation in Timika. Meanwhile, Papua Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said a series of shooting incident toward indigenous Papuans seems depicting the five principles of Pancasila. “Pancasila is exempted in Papua. A series of shooting and murder towards indigenous Papuans in the name of the unity of Indonesia is a mistake. Military has a system command that soldiers follow the order from the chief. Those shooting must be done under the order. Paniai, Yahukimo, Dogiyai, Tolikara and Mimika. It’s a modus, part of a grand design. State must responsible on this,” he said at that time. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)


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