A hotel in Jayapura, West Papua (Jubi)


A hotel in Jayapura, West Papua (Jubi)

A hotel in Jayapura, West Papua (Jubi)

Jayapura , 5/2 ( Jubi ) –  Abepura  in Papua province used to be known as a student town but now it has turned into a service and trade hub, a testament to growing development in Jayapura.

In light of that, Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tommy Mano urges hotels to arrange interior decorations in their premises in accordance with local customs.
“They should display ornaments from Tobati village, Enggros, and Kayupulo in accordance with State Regulation No. 15 of 2011,” he told tabloidjubi.com on the launch of Abe Grand Hotel in Abepura, City of Jayapura on Wednesday (2/5).
He also said the names of the rooms should follow local wisdom, not only for Abe Grand Hotel, but also all the hotels in the city of Jayapura.
“Hotels should also hire native Papuans,  not just bring in workers from outside, so that Papuans will not become sidelined on their own land,” said Mano.
Mano said it is the responsibility of  hotel management to educate and train native Papuans to work well, because a lot of people in Papua don’t have enough skills.
“They need to be educated in order to keep working, so there is a balance in the city, and the city’s sense of belonging can be maintained,” he said.
Abe Grand Hotel manager Zasly Perdana Kusuma said under his direction, of 40 percent of the hotel employees are  native Papuans and some are entrusted with leadership positions.
“We think the native people of Papua have the potential and ability, so we give them some important positions in our hotel, ” he said. (Jubi /Sindung/Frans)

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