Papeda yellow sauce - IST

Hospitality Business Associations Launch 21 Port Numbay West Papua Recipes

Papeda yellow sauce - IST

Papeda yellow sauce – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – To celebrate its 46 anniversary, the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( PHRI) launched a cookbook containing 21 recipes of Port Numbay dishes in Jayapura, Papua a few days ago.

“We, PHRI of Papua together with Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) launched a Port Numbay cookbook. There are 21 recipes presented by the best chefs,” Sahrir said on Saturday night (21/02/2015).

He said the book was aimed at supporting government programs, especially the government of Jayapura city in Papua.

Moreover, this is one way to search for patents in each of the hotel menu and restaurant which will be themed “Papua Corner”.
“Also it is to support government programs in order to consume locally-based menu, such as taro, cassava, sweet potatoes, vegetable wax and sago, ” he added.


Damino, Coordinator of Eastern Chef said such long desire finally can be realized.
“These 21 recipes are later patented in every hotel, at least 3 recipe so that the people of Papua and the visitors could feel enjoy traditional menu of Jayapura city,” he said. For example, Port Numbay Salad, Tobati Pudding, Papeda and so on.

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommy Mano Jayapura in his speech, urged the PHRI to continue in creating innovations and creations that are very useful for people around Papua especially in Jayapura.
“Hopefully, among them can be made as a souvenir of Jayapura,” Mano added.

He also hoped PHRI to improve its service to the customers and always maintain public relationship.

Meanwhile, Assistant II of Papua Secretariat on Economy, Elia I Loupatty added, with the 46th anniversary of PHRI, hotels and restorant in Papua particularly in Jayapura would be more advanced and solid and continuously to improve its services to all its customers and can support government programs. (Sindung Sukoco/ Tina)

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