The bullets. (Illustration)

Hospital Hands Bullet Fragments from Tolikara Shooting Victims to Police

The bullets. (Illustration)

The bullets. (Illustration)

Jayapura, Jubi – Dok II Jayapura Hospital said six victims of the shooting incident at Karubaba, Tolikara had surgery to remove bullet fragments from their bodies.

The bullet fragments have been already delivered to the police for further investigation.

Surgeon James Gedi said because it’s a case of violence, the hospital coordinated with the police.
“We gave it all to the police for evidence. So the process has been completely done. One of seven victims died because didn’t get prompt treatment due to transportation from the location. We had tried but couldn’t make it. We took care the rest and gave them medical treatment. We believe their injuries are fine and has no infection, thus they could be outpatients,” Gedi said on Monday (27/7/2015).

Meanwhile the Director of Dok II dr. Yeri Msen said medical treatment has been performed over six victims, they would send home on Monday (27/7/2015). “The treatment seems slow, but I said it’s not true. Since I knew there’s no sign of emergency, such as blooding, respiratory disorder or so on. It’s accordance to standard of procedure,” Yeri Msen.


At the same place, the Head of Tolikara Health Office Yusak Totok Krindo said five of six victims would be sent home to Tolikarara on Tuesday (28/7/2015) while the rest is still needing a medical check at Dok II Hospital and would depart to Tolikara on Thursday (30/7/2015).
“All should return to Tolikara first to meet the local residents, their families, the local government showing the victims got well treatment. They would be rechecked at Tolikara Hospital. Medical team at Karubaga Hospital are ready for 24 hours if needed,” Krindo said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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