Papua Traditional House (IST)


Papua Traditional House (IST)

Papua Traditional House (IST)

Jayapura 27/2 (Jubi) – Several Papuan traditional houses, known as honai-honai, were burned by an unidentified group on Thursday afternoon (27/2).

The chief of Muara Mulia district, Puncak Jaya, Samianto Wonda said soldiers and police first thought there was an attack on a group of unarmed civilians, but it turned out to be residents who were looking for firewood in the forest around the porthole.
“It was thought forest people were coming into the porthole area, the military wanted to attack but decided not to,” Samianto said on Thursday (27/2).

He said when security forces entered the forest, they encountered an armed group and the officers chased them.
“At the porthole,  honai – honai were burnt and we did not know who or how many people did it,” he said.

The incident was around 11:00 am ( local time) in Kulirik village, Muara Mulia District.


He also added that the situation in Mulia town itself was safe.
“The area is safe, no one got shot,”, he said.

He said he hoped that flights to Mulia, Puncak Jaya remained operational. The flights must operate, because we rely on it, our living stocks are mostly transported via planes, ” he added.

Meanwhile, a Susi air passenger who declined to be named said after their flight was forced back to Sentani today (Thursday, 27/2).
“I was on the way to Mulia. The pilot said there was a shoot out in the town of Mulia and he did not want to risk landing in Mulia. So, he flew back to Sentani, ” the passenger said.

The passenger added that the pilot was grateful to get this information while they were still in the air.
“The pilot also stated that he will not fly to Mulia in the next few days, maybe even the next few weeks.” said the passenger.

Spokesman of Papua Police, Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono he had no information about the incident. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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