Sentani Airport -

Homemade Firearm and Bullets Found at Sentani Airport

Sentani Airport -

Sentani Airport –

Jayapura, Jubi – A homemade short-barreled firearm and six bullets were found by officers at Sentani airport in Jayapura regency, Papua last week, police and a source said.

A Jubi source who declined to be named said that the gun was discovered when a black duffel bag passed through the X-Ray.
“A homemade firearm is discovered at Sentani airport but the owner is still unknown,” the source said via a short message on Wednesday (04/01/2015).

Papua Police spokesman Commissioner Patige Renwarin confirmed the finding. He then explained at the time, there was an airport porter, Kunim Komba delivered the goods and black backpack to pass through X-ray examination. When passing through the X-Ray, the screen looked a thing that looked like a firearm.

“The Two airport security, Andris Sokoy and Fabean Pallo then checked the bag and found the firearm in paper wrappers. In the cylinder, there is a bullet, and five rounds of ammunition,” he said.


Continued, Andris Sokoy then reported it to the police to be secured. “Chief of KP3 Police commissioner Jubelina Wally looked for the owner of the bag, but could not be found. Police then asked the testimony from the porter, Kunim Komba, “he said. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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