HIV/AIDS Prevention in Jayawijaya Regency Still Faces Snags


Wamena, Jubi –  The Jayawijaya AIDS Commission said it had faced difficulties in implementing programs and activities to prevent  HIV-AIDS in Jayawijaya Regency for the last four years.

The problems includes programs that can not run properly due delays in funding,” the Secretary of Jayawijaya AIDS Comission, Daulat M. Siregar told reporters on the break of evaluation meeting between the commission and fourteen health services, NGOs,

Working groups and other humanitarian organizations on Wednesday (21/1) at Bappeda Jayawijaya Meeting Room. 

In addtion of financial problems, he admitted the extensive community outreach made the services were only limited to the certain sub-district and could not reach the entire community.

The information can only reach the urban community and nearby sub-districts while the remote villages are outreached. Many villages have no access of vehicle. That’s our obstacle,” said Daulat Siregar.  

The field facilitators are very limited though the office has adequate facilities. “From this description, we can design a very effective program in 2015,” he said.

A meeting participant, Demianus Hubby appreciated the Commission’s performance evaluation, but he regretted the absence of the Chairman of Jayawijaya AIDS Commission and some important figures. “Those competent persons must be here to listen what we’ve faced on the ground. So together we can find a solution,” he said.

Although the Commission Secretary said about the adequate facilities, but the facilitators considered it’s not sufficient. “The facilities are not helpful. When providing health service at Posyandu (integrated health center), we should take a blood sample for taking to Puskesmas (Community Health Center) but we don’t have any tools to do it,” he said.

Based on report issued by the Jayawijaya Health Office,  HIV/AIDS cases in Jayawijaya Regency up to December are 4,905 cases. (Islami/Rom)

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