Theo Hasegem visited Albert Nawipa, a minor victim of Police violence - Jubi/Islami

Hesegem: Wiranto erroneously settled human rights cases with ‘bakar baru’ custom


Theo Hasegem visited Albert Nawipa, a minor victim of Police violence – Jubi/Islami

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of Advocacy Network for Law and Human Rights
of Central Highlands of Papua, Theo Hesegem, said that the settlement
of human rights violations cannot be equated with the customary peace
of burning stones, in accordance with the customs of Papuans.

Theo Hesegem made the comment in respond to the statement of
Menkopolhukam RI, Wiranto, about the custom of ‘bakar batu’ (burning
stone) in the settlement of human rights violations in the land of

“Wiranto speaks something that is out of his knowledge. Tribal war is
different from the human rights violations that often carried out by
state through the TNI and Police,” he said Monday (September 25).

Surprised by Wiranto’s statement, Hesegem questioned when Wiranto was
at war with the Papuan people and where it was done.


“So resolving cases of human rights violations through the mechanism
of ‘bakar batu’, is just wrong,” he said.

He also questioned on what legal basis Wiranto could use to resolve
human rights violations with Papuan culture.

According to him, there are many human rights violations in Papua, all
of them motivated by the element of Papua political status on the

“It is not on the background of tribal war. Wiranto comments in the
media have made indigenous Papuans very angry and refuse to accept.
Political issues cannot be equated with tribal wars. If there is no
material basis to speak, it is better to just stay still,” he said.

Previously as quoted from, Wiranto said that human right
case settlement through judicial route is the western culture.
Indonesian way in solving the problem, including gross human rights
violations, is through deliberation and consensus in kinship. He
refers to custom in Papua, ie the ‘bakar batu’.

“The killing of tribes in Papua alone is a consensus, as they have a
‘bakar batu’ tradition, eating together, (as to the problem of killing
solved). ” said Wiranto on Friday (September 22).(*)

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