Hercules Aircraft landed in Wamena Airport - Jubi/Islami

Hercules has yet lower the price of cement in Jayawijaya


Hercules Aircraft landed in Wamena Airport – Jubi/Islamiprice hike,

Wamena, Jubi – Hercules aircraft used to transport basic needs and construction materials to Jayawijaya community which started its operation since the beginning of this week, has not been able to reduce the price of materials needed such as cement.

The price of cement is still high even though the existing stocks in a number of stores suffice.

“I do not know why the price of cement is still high, whereas cement is now available in shops in Wamena,” said Jayawijaya Department of labor, industry and trade office, Semuel Munu, told reporters at the Jayawiaya Regent office on Wednesday (October 25).

He said the current price of cement is not yet known for sure, since the price before reaches Rp 630 thousand to Rp 650 thousand per sack from the usual Rp 530 thousand.


In fact, right after the presence of two fleet of Hercules aircrafts the price of cements has stabilize including other basic needs in a number of stores.

The operation of the Hercules, said Semuel, will increase the stock of staples for supplies into Christmas celebrations. Even today TRI MG has also started to be active in transporting goods to Wamena.

He estimates the high proce of cement triggered from fears of contractors in Wamena and other expansion areas that usually work with traders. “So when the goods come they take them immediately and taken away,” he said.

Disnakerindag  (the office of labor, trade and industry) will consistently supervise so that goods coming through Hercules and other aviation enter the shop in Wamena first, and then proceed to other expansion areas.

Previously Chairman of Jayawijaya Parliament, Taufik Latuihamallo requested that the office of labor, trade and industry can continue to monitor the goods coming from the Hercules.

“Since we asked for the Hercules to come and help to bring the basic needs, we have to make sure that it operates well for the service of ours not other interests,” he said. (tabloidjubi.com/Zely)

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