A patients with leprosy in Mumugu Village - kompas.com

Health Minister Assigns Papua Health Chief to Tackle Leprosy in Mumugu

A patients with leprosy in Mumugu Village - kompas.com

A patients with leprosy in Mumugu Village – kompas.com

Jayapura, Jubi – Health Minister Nila F Moeloek has assigned the head of Papua Provincial Health Department drg Aloysius Giyai to monitor the condition of the lepers in Mumugu village, Sawaerma district, Asmat.

“Health Minister Nila F Moeloek assigned me to see the condition of the lepers in the area,” said Aloysius in Jayapura on last week.

“We checked the condition of lepers in Mumugu village, Asmat, during a working visit on Thursday (17/9). And I will report the results to the Minister,” he said.

In addition to the assignment, the governor Lukas Enembe also asked him to monitor the needs of each district in the province of Papua, especially in the health field.


He said that he had twice visited Mumugu village, the first visit was with former Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi in 2013 ago.
“I’ve visited Mumugu twice. Last year I came with the former Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi. We used helicopters from Timika,” he said.

According to him, there are quite significant changes that occur in Mumugu to the treatment of leprosy patients.
“I see there are some changes. We are happy because there are eight medical officers at health center. ,” he said.

Earlier, chief of Asmat Medical Officer dr. Pieter Pajala said, leprosy in Mumugu has been increased lately from about 140 to 166 people.
“Early August, was found 140 people with leprosy and then friends who work in Controlling Health Problems (PMK) did sweeping across Sawaerma district at the end of August and found about 20 lepers, so all amounts to 166 lepers,” he stated.

Pastor Hendrik Kada Pr who serve in Sawaerma district said the number of leprosy patients in Mumugu increase of about 150 people at the end of 2014, is now 165 people. (*)

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