Health Centers in Yahukimo Lack Facilities

Papua health chief drg Aloysius Giyai - Jubi

Papua health chief drg Aloysius Giyai – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Health centers in Effata Angguruk, Angguruk district, Yahukimo lack proper facilities, Papua health chief drg Aloysius Giyai said.

“When I was a kid, I was in Paniai, which is now Deiyai district. This region was famous because Anggruk hospital was established by GKI Effata Angguruk mission,” Giyai said in Jayapura on last week.

He visited the hospital along with Yakuhimo Secretary of the Department of Health, Wiklif Balingga and member of Commission V Papua, Nathan Pahabol on last Tuesday.

“There have been no improvements If we see the past and today in the era of special autonomy. The road is still very poor and facilities built by the mission are not maintained by the government as well,” he added


According to him, the room and service facilities are severely damaged. “I have seen all. Inpatient rooms and one doctor housing projects built by Yahukimo health department are incomplete and inappropriate to use, “he said.

He then expressed his appreciation to head of hospital, Ruben and fellow medical staff who are still serving the society with its limitations.

“I have to thank my staff. Hospitals that pioneered by missionaries should be continued and paid attention by the Government of Indonesia, “he said.

He added that in 2014 the Provincial Health Department has issued a Governor Regulation No. 8 on the allocation of at least 15 percent of funds for health care.

If each regencyt does not budget at least 15 percent, certainly it will be difficult in distributing special autonomy fund for the needs of public health services, he said. (*)

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