Head of Sabon Village Serves As Volunteer Teacher


Merauke, Jubi – The chief of Sabon village, Petrus Awi, said he himself had to work a volunteer teacher because teachers are long absent.

Teachers only show up once a year during the final exams, he told Jubi on Saturday (15/11).

He said one of the serious problems that occurred in the village of Sabon is education. Almost every day, there are no classes because the teachers are absent.
“To my knowledge, there are two state teachers ( guru PNS) including the principal. Only, they are never on duty. They show up when there’s a final examination, after that they return to the city for data submission reason,” he said.

The funny thing is all kids qualified to move to next grade . “It is a form of fraud committed against the students,” he said.

This condition resulted student to spend more time to play and follow parents into the forest. He then crossed his mind to divide his time both to teach and take care of the community.
“I’m trying to set the time and finally able to stand in front of the class to teach. Approximately two years I’ve been able to teach despite the various shortcomings. But the point is that most of the children of indigenous Papuans should be able to write and read, “he said.


Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka once came to the village of Sabon a few months ago and has reported this matter directly. “I asked the regent to soon place new teachers here to increase the number of teachers in this school,” he said.

Waan district chief, Frederikus Buer, said the problems of teachers shortage is not only in the village of Sabon but also in other villages. Thus, teaching and learning activities are not going well. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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