Gwijangge: Councilors Should Unite to Fight for 14 Seats in Parliament


Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Legislative Council member Emus Gwijangge said it was a mistake if councillors objected to 14 seats for indigenous Papuan representatives through appointment.

The statement was in response to remarks by Hanura faction chairman Yan Permenas Mandenas objecting the appointments.

Gwijangge said it should be understood that the 14 seats are regulated in the Papua Special Autonomy Law 2001 and must be implemented.
“Do not act as if there was a contradicting atmosphere in the parliament. Papuan people want the 14 seats to be filled in the parliament and we are fighting for it now. If it’s about personal interest, please do not talk,” Gwijangge said on Tuesday (24/2/2015).

According to him, the Papua’s legislators should be together to fight for it for the sake of Papuans. Furthermore, he said due to 14 seats, many Papuans have become victims. He further said the differences at the parliament are common in the political dynamic, however it shouldn’t disturb the situation because the Special Regional Regulation on 14 Seats has been authorized and now in the stage of socialization.
“His fraction accepted this in last period. And he was also the Legislative Body member. So why did he refuse it now? Who’s actually behind him? We are Papuans,” he said.

While other Papua’s Councilor Nioluen Kotouki similarly asked why did a councilor said his objection now after the Special Regional Regulation on 14 seats has launched.
“What’s a matter with this? Or he did it for attention? People already understood about the 14 seats. Its mechanism is running. We asked to all parties for not disturbing the situation. On the other hand, we should fight together to deliver it in the parliament. It’s about the people,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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