Gustaf Kawer (Jubi)


Gustaf Kawer (Jubi)

Gustaf Kawer (Jubi)

Jayapura, 20/3 (Jubi) – The lawyer of Edison Werimon and Soleman Fonataba, who accused police of illegally detaining them, said police should not like thugs.

“We just read the petition related to the arrest and detention of Edison Werimon and Soleman Fonataba and the confiscation of goods belong to one of our clients,” Kawer told at the High Court Abepura, Jayapura on Thursday (20/3).

He said the police acted improperly  by ransacking his client’s house on 19 January. They drove and armed just like being in a war and arrested Edison Werimon.
“His son was even hit and held at gunpoint. They ransacked the house from the entrance to the kitchen and arrested my client without warrant. They just issued the letter a day after the detention,” Kawer said.

He further said Soleman Fonataba also experienced similar treatment.


His house was ransacked and his belongings were seized. He was arrested on 17 January when visiting the Sarmi Police Station to check his belongings.
“The way the police ignored the procedural process, we decided to take it to the pre-judicial court. “Tomorrow at two o’clock, we will hear the answer of the police,” he said.

Moreover he explained this legal action was carried out as control of the police’s performance.
“As the public guardians and protectors, they must serve the ways that suit their capacity as law enforcement officers. Do not act like thugs,” he said.

Fonataba’s wife told about what has been happened to her family. “The police came to our house and took our documents, 3 sickles and small ax,” she said  on Thursday (20/3).

She said she didn’t know why the police did it to her family. She only knew that later the police return her money with the amount of Rp 1,600,000 and her children’s certificates on 24 December.  However, she regretted the way the police came into his house through a window and then put the police line around the house. (Jubi/Aprilia/rom)


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