Gunfire at Puncak Jaya caused 1 death



Jayapura 24/1 (Jubi) – The gunfire between Kompi Yonif 751/Raider Mobile and the Armed Civilian Group (KSB) was occurred in Pintu Angin, Puncak Jaya District and 1 armed civilian was reported death.

As confirmed to Jubi, it is known that the gunfire was broke out in Ambush, near Pintu Angin, Mulia, Puncak Jaya District on Friday morning aroung 07.30 Papua time.
According to Chief Information of Military Command XVII Cenderawasih, Colonel Infantry Lismer Lumban Siantar, 1 member of armed civilian has been killed in the incident, and a long-barreled gun was successfully seized by Kompi Yonif 751/Raider Mobile. The Armed Civilian Group is suspected the Papua National Liberation Army/Freedom Papua Movement.
 “A gunfire broke out at Pintu Angin, Puncak Jaya around 07.30 this morning,” Chief Information said, Friday (24/1). He explained that until now the communication to Puncak Jaya is still difficult when being asked about the current situation.
 “It is still trying. The communication has not yet smooth, so the current situation is still not known,” he said.

Chief of Police Office Puncak Jaya, AKBP Marselis Sarimin, when confirmed by via his cellular phone, until the news was broadcasted, is not yet answering. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH)

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