Peoples came to polling station for presidential election (Jubi)


Peoples came to polling station for presidential election (Jubi)

Peoples came to polling station for presidential election (Jubi)

Jayapura, 9/7 (Jubi) – The Presidential Election in Papua, especially in some critical regions, was generally normal and safe, the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said.

“I have called some of regional heads though some of them have not yet picked up the phone. But I have checked some critical regions such as Puncak Jaya, Puncak and Paniai and found the election was running smoothly there. We will see the further progress,” Enembe told to reporters after voting at the poling station 18 in Argapura, Jayapura on Wednesday (9/7).

Despites running well, further he said some sub-districts in Yahukimo Regency have not yet received the ballots due to the weather.
“Yahukimo Regent yesterday informed the election logistic could not be distributed to some sub districts due to the weather. It might be distributed within one or two days, but it also depends on the weather. However, the election in Papua was relatively safe, and I expected it would be secured,” he said.

Enembe further said whoever been elected as the president for next five years, he could continue what have been done by the former President Yudhoyono. He added currently the Government of Papua is revising the Law No 21 which also including in the huge agenda of the elected president, because it would be submitted to the National Parliament in the next week. After the submission, it would be reviewed by the National Parliament to get the legal harmonization draft from the Law and Human Rights Ministry before the issuing of the President Mandate (Ampres).
“The elected president has the obligation to approve this revision because Papua is different. So whoever been elected as president, he should be consider Papua as special,” he said.


On the same occasion, Enember further asked all Papua community to jointly monitor and secure the voting results.
“If people already done the voting, I hope we could maintain the results because it was assured by law. And if possible, we could confirm the result to Jakarta at 13:00 – 14:00 Papua time because we firstly finished,” he said. (Jubi/Alex/rom)

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