Markus Haluk (Jubi)

Governor should talk the reality rather than illusion

Markus Haluk (Jubi)

Markus Haluk (Jubi)

Jayapura, 14/1 (Jubi) – Secretary General of the Central Highlands Papuan Student Association of Indonesia (AMPTPI), Markus Haluk said Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, should talk the reality rather than illusion and invite people of Papua to forget their past.

“People who do not know themselves who can forget the past,” said Markus in Abepura, Jayapura, Papua (14/1). Markus Haluk stated this words as respond for Governor of Papua, which invites Papuan people to forget the past.

“I think, be better, we talked the real situation. Papuan struggle today is not about food and drink but the issue of self-esteem that increasingly continue to be threatened.” said Markus.

Struggle is to prove, says Markus, the life expectancy of Papuans which currently being lost.
“The Hope it can only be returned if the Papuans live independently in their own country. Papuans have to live on his own feet to built a hope of a new life.” he says.


He addressed that inviting peoples to forget the past while people of Papua are threatened, the governor deny yourself and bleak past in history for cheap solution such  as Special Autonomy, Autonomy plus and UP4B.
“It should be remembered that Autonomy was not independent of political problems in Papua. If there was no political issue, it will never exist,” he said.

It is much more respectable if the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, spoke of ways to solve problems and not talk something which adds to the problem. “If you want, we solve the problem through negotiations only,” he said.

After the closed meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the countries of Melanesia, Governor Lukas Enembe invites all parties to forget the past in order to re-arrange the future and progress of the people of Papua.

“I invite all parties to forget the past, if there are violations of human rights. Now we are planning again for the future and progress of the people of Papua, “said Governor Luke Enembe, in Jayapura on Monday (13/1). (Jubi / Mawel/Victor Mambor)

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