A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)


A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)

A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)

Timika, 25/5 (Jubi) – Governor Lukas Enembe and the regents of the Central Highland Regions and the Papua Police and Military Officials was to visit Timika, Mimika Regency on Monday (26/5) to try to resolve a recent tribal conflict.

Acting Mimika Regent Ausilius You said the government mission was also to review the current development activities in Mimika Regency.
“The Governor was due to be accompanied by the Central Highland Regents’ Association and provincial government officials,” he said to reporters at Pendopo Rumah Negara in Karang Senang Village, SP3 Timika on Sunday (25/5).

He further said the Governor’s main agenda is reviewing the current development activities of Mimika Regency, including seeing the process of the political phase and meeting with people who have been embroiled in the conflict to listen their aspirations.

He said the visit was to prove the government’s interest to immediately resolve the people’s conflict in Djayanti.
“Earlier, we made efforts to resolve the conflict by approaching the two parties through the customary and religious leaders As a result, there have been several inputs provided by both sides” he said.


According to him, the local government also has established a special team to resolve the conflict in cooperation with the police and military, community leaders, customary landowners, and the tribal chief commanders of both parties and the village government apparatus. He hoped the Governor’s visit would positively contribute to the conflict resolution.

Meanwhile the Regional Secretary of Province Papua, Herry Dosinaen said 16 regents of Central Highland Region have agreed to be mediators to the conflict in Mimika. They will hold a Regional Heads Communication Forum meeting on Monday (26/5) to seek a peaceful resolution.
“It’s not only this time the Provincial Government of Papua took action, but earlier the local Heads Forum has came directly to see what was happened on the ground. The action was under the supervision of the Papua’s First Assistant together with other forum’s members including the Papua Police Chief, Military Commander, People’s Council and Papua’s Legislators,” he said on Saturday (24/5).

According to him, two weeks ago the Governor asked his office to send a radiogram asking the sixteen regents of the Central Highland Region to come to Mimika. The Provincial Government also has appointed a special team consist of the representatives of government, the police and military, religious and customary leaders and other components to see the progress in Mimika. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

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