Gold from ilegal mining at Degeuwo River - Jubi

Gold Miners Creates Conflict in Degeuwo

Gold from Degeuwo River - Jubi

Gold from Degeuwo River – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of the Customary Council of Wolani, Mee and Moni tribes (LMA SWAMEMO) has accused gold miners of stealing Degeuowo gold and creating conflicts at the site.

“The illegal businessmen are creating a conflict to achieve their goals there,” said Bagubau to Jubi in Sentani, Papua on last week.

He said conflicts are created through entertainment facilities such as karaoke, bar and sexual business. Communities are then to compete using existing entertainment facilities.

“Order a women means one package with liquor. This can cause people to fight till they die,” he pointed out the murder of a mobile brigade conducted by a miner in the Blue Baya location at the end of December 2015.


He said, the stabbing occurred when the two men competed for a commercial worker at that location and when they were arguing the police came.

“The perpetrator took his machete out and stabbed the chest of victim. After that he fled into the woods. I got this report from Yohanes Kobepa, my secretary, ” he said.

He continued, at the same time, there was combustion event of heavy equipment owned by the company, PT. Quarta Air at 81 site.

He said the burning was very detrimental to the company but also the local community, including the institution he leads. We never teach communities to resolve the existing problems in the region by force despite the company harm indigenous peoples.

“If you are furious, let’s take it into the court. We, as the institution are working to find out why it was happened. I think the company and people who live in the surrounding areas do not want the customary council institution to control Degeuowo area, “he added.

Yohanes Kobepa confirmed it and said that this conflict was full interests motives that want to dominate Degeuwo area.

“The area is a region full of gold. People want to get rid of the control of indigenous peoples in the name of security management. That’s all they want by sacrificing others, “he said through a short message. (Mawel Benny/Tina)

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