President of Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI), the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo and Chairman of NU Province Papua, Toni Wanggai - Jubi

GIDI and NU Agreed to Resolve Tolikara Incident Without Outsider’s Intervention

President of Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI), the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo and Chairman of NU Province Papua, Toni Wanggai - Jubi

President of Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI), the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo and Chairman of NU Province Papua, Toni Wanggai – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – President of Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI), the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo visited to Nahdatul Ulama Board Office of Province Papua to seek solution on the incident occurred at Karubaga, Tolikara on 17 July 2015. Chairman of NU Province Papua, Toni Wanggai welcomed Wandikbo during his visit.

“We come here (NU Office) to strengthen our good relation to find peace solution for GIDI members and Muslims at Tokikara after the last incident,” the Rev. Wandikbo told Jubi in the meeting held at NU Office on Monday (27/7/2015).

He came to the meeting with Chairman Kingmi Synod the Rev. Benny Giay. Inter-religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) of Province Papua also attended the meeting.
Both priests were deeply for the statement of the Chairman of NU, Toni Wanggai few times ago that stated the Tolikara incident could be resolved by Papuans, no need intervention from outsiders.

Toni Wanggai welcomed their good intention. He once again affirmed that Papuans must solve the incident in Tolikara. He hoped this problem could be immediately solved because in next two months, Muslims would do Eid prayer to celebrate Eid al-Adha.


“As far I knew the land used by Muslims to build Mushola there belongs to the Church. Then, GIDI and Tolikara Regent also donated a cow for Muslims as an apology to the circular that already passed, as well as a clarification. It indicates a good intention before the incident was occurred. So we could solve by ourselves,” Wanggai said.

The Rev. Dorman Wandikbo explained the letter of clarification issued to clarify the circular that later triggered the problem was not received by Tolikara Police Chief before 17 July that coincidence with Eid Al-Fitr. It’s happened because Tolikara Regent as Committee Chairman of GIDI Seminar must got to Panaga Village on 14 July in the morning to resolve dispute among villagers at that village.

In this meeting, both Muslim and Christian leaders were taking time to talk with Ustad Ali Muktar, Muslim leader at Karubaga, Tolikara. In the phone conversation, he admitted the current situation at Karubaga is fine. He is glad having direct conversation with President of GIDI though via telephone. He also admitted very glad because Muslims in Papua Province has met with GIDI leaders to materialize a peace among Muslims at Tolikara and local community who are GIDI members in majority.

“Yes. In the near future, after the guests from Jakarta have returned, I will come to Jayapura. I hope able to meet with President of GIDI that make the life of Muslims and Karubaga natives can be saved and comfort as before. Indeed, we can only solve this problem without intervention from other parties. Because for nine years I was here (Karubaga), the incident like yesterday was never happened, either the threat or prohibition. We used to pray, it’s just fine. We also had harmonious relation with out brothers here. When the stalls were burned, I stayed at Christian Tolikara native at Kompleks Koramil 1702-11. President of GIDI also provided me with generator. Thank you sir for the generator,” Ustad Ali Muktar thanked the President of GIDI by phone.

Ustad Ali Muktar, Toni Wanggai and the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo agreed that Muslims and GIDI members are the victims in this incident. “Muslims became victims because forbidden to worship, while GIDI members became the shooting victims by security forces. In addition both sides experienced the material losses. Both sides are victims,” said Toni Wanggai.

On this occasion, the Rev. Wandikbo said the information that GIDI prohibit other Christian dedomination to build churches in Tolikara is not true. “They should ask me about it. GIDI never prohibit other denomination to build a church in Tolikara. The fact is there are GIDI member who have problem with other denomination’s member who want to build church in Tolikara. So it’s personal problem, not the Church,” said Wandikbo.

At the end of meeting, both religious leaders agreed to hold several phases of reconciliation toward peace among Muslims and GIDI members in Tolikara. “In near future, we will meet again to discus our concrete action. Insya Allah, Muslims in Tolikara can do Eid prayer during Eid al-Adha,” Toni Wanggai said. (Victor Mambor/rom)

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