German ambassador Georg Witschel (second right) - Jubi

German Ambassador Unsatisfied with Papua Government’s Answers on Investment

German ambassador Georg Witschel (second right) - Jubi

German ambassador Georg Witschel (second right) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Visiting German ambassador Georg Witschel said he was not satisfied with the Papua government’s response to questions about investment and land.

Witschel held talks with assistant III of Papua, Rosina Upessy during the visit to Jayapura this week.

He was accompanied by a number of investors, business people and officials from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Germany.
“We asked several questions, but they weren’t answered well. We understood that she herself who received us while governor, governor deputy and regional secretary were not here. So many of our questions were not answered,” Witschel told reporters.

He said the visit was aimed at looking at the possibility of cooperation to invest in energy, forest protection, conservation and environmental issues.
“There is an investor from Germany that invested about more than 10 million euros in West Papua. Yet when we are looking for information to attract investors for Germany here, we did not get enough information. So it is hard to get prospective investors to come to Papua, “he said.


He then hoped when visiting the Jayapura city government and Jayapura regency government, it can get more accurate information.
“It’s the first time to visit Papua. Unfortunately there was lack preparation. Though we have sent a letter one month ago. Regrettably, all questions were not answered satisfactorily, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Assistant III of Public Affairs Rosina Upessy said the land often becomes a bottleneck.
“All of the land in Papua is the property of the State and if the investor used Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) and when the contract is nearly complete, it must return to the State,” Rosina Upessy added.

German delegation also asked about licensing that often becomes a hinderence. However, the Government of Papua Province guarantee that there is one- door service to get permission.
“One-door service is one of effective ways to get permission to invest in Papua,” he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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