Women and children in remote area of West Papua - Jubi

Geographical Challenges Contribute to Poor Health in Papua

Women and children in remote area of West Papua - Jubi

Women and children in remote area of West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Commission V of Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) on health believed that lack of knowledge of clean and healthy lifestyles in communities as well as geographical challenges are hampering efforts to improve public health in Papua.

Member of Commission V, Nathan Pahabol said it is challenging to socialize the important of health of family life to the area of difficult access such as mountains, valleys, and coastal areas.
“Actually geographical conditions affect the health services in rural areas. Sometimes people who are sick do not get medical service as health workers are not working. As a result they perceive as a normal thing if they do not get medical treatment,” Pahabol said via telephone to the Jubi, this week.

He then said that we have to give appreciation to the Papua health department that formed ‘Bare Foot health workers” to carry out counseling from village to village.
“We support this program and hopefully it could address the needs of public health services in the Papuan mountains, valleys and coastal areas, “he added.

He also hoped that people will also participate to create a clean and health life in the family.


Earlier, chief of health department of Papua, Aloysius Giyai said in order to improve health service in Papua, it has started mobile clinics from house to house. Health workers that will serve are members of bare feet, floating and flying health workers.
“The officers will conduct health education to the villages. “We now begin its work in the field. The officer will perform the service for up to eight months ahead, ” Giyai stated at the time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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