Youth, Student and Papuan People Movement (GempaR) - Jubi

GempaR Urges Jokowi to Keep Promises

Youth, Student and Papuan People Movement (GempaR) - Jubi

Youth, Student and Papuan People Movement (GempaR) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Students and People Movement (GempaR) urged President Joko Widodo to keep his promise to solve the conflict in Papua.

GempaR said after six month in office, Jokowi’s policies had not favored indigenous Papuans. The transmigration program, the December shooting dead of four students in Paniai and the shooting incident in Yahukimo during the event of West Papua Solidarity for Vanuatu were proof of the government’s failure.

Other evidence include the illegal mining case in Degewo, oil-palm plantation in Nabire, criminalization of human right activists Areki Wanimbo and Gustaf Kawer, violence toward Papua journalists in Nabire and Biak, the random shooting and arrest against hundreds of protester on 1 May, GempaR said.

“Therefore we asked Jokowi to resolve all these problems, because it was happened under his government that considered to weaken the position and dignity of Papuans on their own land,” the Secretary General of GempaR, Samuel Womsiwor told Jubi by email on Sunday (17/5/2015).


He said GempaR asked Jokowi to be responsible on the human right violation in Papua (under six month of his government) and other human right violation since the integration of Papua into Indonesia and to immediately open the wide access for democracy in Papua.
“We also asked Jokowi to materialize his statement related to his statement about to open the access for foreign journalist and to immediately withdraw both organic and non-organic forces from Papua. We asked him to stop the discussion on the Mobile Brigade Headquarter because Papuan people are clearly rejecting this plan,” he said.

Further, he said the president also must discontinue the discussion to establish 34 DOB (new autonomy region) in the National Legislation Program because the people of Papua do not need the Extension (Development).

Meanwhile, Majalah Selankah wrote the Papuan Parliament’s Human Right Special Committee Chairman for Paniai and Yahukimo Cases, Laurenzus Kadepa asked the Indonesian President Joko Widodo to openly express to Papuan people about the settlement of Paniai and Yahukimo cases during his visit to Papua on 8 – 11 May 2015.
Jokowi must talk about the settlement of Paniai and Yahukimo cases and other severe human right violation cases in Papua to the people of Papua,” said Kadepa. According to him, the president must talk about it to avoid the negative impact to both institution and the State. It’s our decision whether we could meet and talk with him about this issue. “Firstly, he must solve the Paniai and Yahukimo cases and other human right violation cases in Papua as well,” he said.
(Arnold Belau/rom)

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